“Teddy Bear-Faced” Dog Finally Finds Loving Home After Being Returned To Shelter 7 Times

Animal shelters are like safe havens for pets looking for loving homes. These shelters provide care for stray animals until they can find a permanent place to live. Some pets get adopted quickly and start new lives with happy families, but others aren’t as lucky. They end up returning to the shelter multiple times while they wait to find the right home. Today, let’s get to know Martin and hear his touching story.

Martin is an incredibly cute dog at the SPCA of Wake County. However, while many of his friends find new families and leave the shelter, Martin has stayed there for a long time. Even though he’s been adopted a few times, those situations didn’t work out for him.

Source: SPCA of Wake County

Before entering the shelter, he was surrendered by his 89-year-old owner, who felt he could no longer provide the care Martin deserved. Samantha Ranlet, a marketing communications specialist at the SPCA, shared with The Dodo, “His [dad] was 89 years old and reached a point where he couldn’t provide the life that he felt Martin deserved.”

Samantha continued, “He wanted a better life for him.” Although the reason was heartbreakingly sincere, it shows the need for Martin to locate a warm home where he could spend his later years.

Source: SPCA of Wake County

Despite his advanced age, Martin is a loving friend who quickly integrated into his new environment. Ranlet observed, “He adjusted pretty well. I don’t know if he understood what was going on, but even from day one, he was just this happy, easy-going, really sweet old man with a teddy bear face.”

Nevertheless, Martin’s journey to find a forever home was full of challenges. He was adopted several times but always ended up back at the shelter. He was brought back seven times just in two months he was there. Sadly, Martin’s heartworm infection and the difficulties of caring for an older dog could have been the cause.

Source: Lisa Hughet

However, the shelter staff remained confident that Martin would find his ideal match. They believed that a family was waiting for him somewhere out there. And the shelter featured Martin’s story on their Facebook page in an effort to aid in his search for a forever home.

They shared, “Martin really is the bestest boy. His former owner said he is extremely gentle, especially with kids — Martin used [to] cuddle up with their grandkids so they could lie their heads on him for a nap. He’s great with people of all ages, including seniors, gets along with dogs of all sizes and energy levels, and is housetrained and crate-trained. Martin is a bit hard of hearing (he’s 10 years old), but he still knows some tricks and loves being rewarded with treats.”

Source: Lisa Hughet

Martin was a shining example of social media’s power. With almost 3,000 shares, the post quickly became popular, and the shelter received a flood of requests to adopt him in just 48 hours. Moreover, among the hopeful adopters was a couple experienced in caring for senior dogs. Martin’s age and his health issues did not deter them.

Ranlet revealed, “They just fell in love with him and his teddy bear energy.”

Source: Lisa Hughet

Martin even became a local celebrity as a result of the post’s success. An amusing incident was shared by the SPCA of Wake County: “…shortly after Martin’s family left the SPCA and took him down to the pet store, the pet store employees recognized him right away and said, “Is that Martin?! “.”

The SPCA of Wake County staff is happy that Martin has found his forever home even though they miss their teddy bear-faced friend.

Source: Lisa Hughet

Check out a video about the SPCA of Wake County below!

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