The Cutest And Fluffiest Bird Can Execute The Most Perfect Split Effortlessly

The Bearded Reedling or, as known by their more popular name, the Bearded Tit are small, round songbirds that are as talented as they are adorable. Unlike Humpty-Dumpty, their egg-shaped bodies don’t prevent them from being nimble.

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These beautiful birds were first documented in the book Systema Naturae(1758) by Swedish Botanist Carl Linnaeus. After long years of study and research, the Bearded Tit (Panurus biarmicus) was classified under the Panarus genus.

The etymology of the word Panurus comes from the Greek terms ‘panu’ meaning ‘exceedingly’ and ‘ουρά’ which translates to tail. The term perfectly describes the long tail found on the male and female Bearded Tit.

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Aside from their longer-than-normal tail, other distinct characteristics of the male Bearded Reedling are the identical black mustache under their eyes while the females do not exhibit these mustaches, they have darker orange bills than the males.

Their tiny round bodies are brownish-orange in color while their heads are grayish-blue or ash-grey. While similar in coloring, the females are generally paler than the male Bearded Reedlings.

These beautiful birds can be only found in Europe and in East Asia since they are not known to take part in migration. The palm-sized birds are quite sensitive to changes in temperature and prefer temperate climates.

The adorable birds love to chill in reedbeds, swamps, wetland, lakes, and other freshwater habitats.

One of the funniest traits of this bird is its ability to out-split even the most expert gymnast. Believe it or not, they are most relaxed in this position.

Who needs extensive yoga sessions when you’re a Bearded Reedling who can do the perfect split?

Bearded Tit are regarded as monogamous but every now a then, some birds do have another partner.

These wetland birds are prolific breeders who can produce up to four broods of 3 to 11 eggs in any given year. Both male and female Reedlings take part in incubating their eggs for 14 days.

Although their habitats are in decline due to human activity, the Bearded Tit is not an endangered species. Experts estimate that there are around 6 million Bearded Reedlings around the globe.

Although their flight speed has not yet been officially documented, their twisting techinque make these birds unremarkable fliers.

They more than make up for this with their ability to balance in the flimsiest of reed blades in the wetlands they occupy.

The sad thing about these floofiest puff balls is they only live shortly

Bearded Reedlings have a short lifespan of 3 to 6 years in the wild. They prefer to live their days hanging with other Reedlings and looking for their favorite insects to munch on.

These birds are also known to be affectionate pets should you choose to domesticate them. However, they require a large space to fly freely whenever they want making it cruel to keep them cooped up in a cage for too long.

During their mating season from March to September, male Bearded Reedlings will show some agression towards another male of their kind when competing for the attention of a female Bearded Tit.

The Bearded Reedling’s dinstinctly adorable look will always be memorable but the most remarkable thing about them is still their ability to do the split exquisitely!

You don’t have to be a bird enthusiast to see the appeal of these fluffy Bearded Reedlings. They are undeniably cute and they are definitely a must-see gift from nature.

Next time you’re near a marsh or a lake, be on the lookout for some Bearded Tit. If you have a hard time spotting them, look for the bird seriously relaxing while doing the splits like it’s nothing.


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