19 Magical Bird Photos of Cardinals in Snow

Few sights are as enchanting as a cardinal in snow, and these beautiful photos of redbirds in winter will delight nature lovers.

cardinal in snow

Red Cardinal in the Snow

“I have the perfect setup for photographing this cardinal in snow. Right out our back window there is a variety of trees and bushes the birds love to use for winter shelter. Blue jays and cardinals, like the one pictured, are my favorites to photograph because of the stark contrast they create with the white falling snow,” Noelle Sippel says.

female cardinal in snow

Prettily Perched

“This picture of a female northern cardinal was taken last winter in my backyard. I love the way you can see the snowflakes falling all around her and the snow that’s accumulated on her face. I also love the way she is looking right at the camera… and of course I love her majestic beauty! It was just like she was saying, ‘Here I am!’” Debbie Bradley says.

cardinal in pine tree

Red, White and Green

“I like this picture because the red of the cardinal stands out against the snow and the green pine tree. It is one of my favorite snowy bird pictures that I have taken to date,” Dianne Bolt says.

cardinal in the snow

Posing for a Picture in the Snow

“In the middle of a snowstorm in central Virginia, this male cardinal was so red against the white snow. He turned and looked at me right as I snapped the picture,” Cristi Anderson says.

male and female cardinal in the snow

Two in the Tree

“I took pictures of birds that came to my feeder and tree after a fresh snowfall. These cardinals were the only birds sitting like this in my tree; sometimes it’s a rarity for them both to be there at the same time,” Cheryl Crigger says.

female cardinal in snow

Awaiting Spring’s Arrival

“I always wanted to get a photo of a cardinal in the snow, and I finally got this one of a female cardinal in a pine branch in our backyard. The expression on her face reflects exactly how I feel about Wisconsin winters. When the temps were cold outside and, in this case, snowy, I shot this from inside the house out an open window,” Jessie Buchholz says.

cardinal in snowstorm

A Blustery Winter Day

“During a February snowstorm in rural Indiana, I noticed this male cardinal braving the winds to get to the sunflower seeds loaded into our feeders. I loved this witness to how nature endures,” Lorri Sweeney says.

cardinals at feeder in snow

Cardinal Mates in the Snow

“My wife and I put bird feeders outside our window so we can watch and enjoy the birds from inside our house. I got lucky on this shot and caught both male and female cardinals together on this basket as they were eating during light snowfall,” Jeff Jones says.

cardinal at feeder

Lovely Plumage

“While perched on the twigs of our grapevine, this female cardinal was patiently waiting her turn at the feeder. The snow brought out the beautiful coloring of her feathers,” Pamela Paun says.

male cardinal in snow

A Striking Redbird

“One winter I had been ground feeding the birds in my front yard, which was why this cardinal was near enough to capture a close-up. I love photographing these birds in the winter because the red is so vibrant against the white background,” Christine Quade says.

cardinal in snow

Stopping By for a Snack

“I took this image on my porch. We always feed birds in winter time, and we have many cardinals coming over every day,” Sylwia Roukens says.

male cardinal in snow

Nestled in the Branches

“My husband and I enjoy watching the northern cardinal couples that visit our backyard. The male cardinal is particularly beautiful with his bright red feathers contrasting with the snow. I wanted to get a good picture of “Papa Cardinal,” as we like to call him, but all the tiny branches of the birch tree made it a real challenge to lock focus on him! This photo is a favorite because I love how the snow-covered branches frame the cardinal, and I love the bright red coloring in the fresh white snow. I was blessed to finally get the shot I had hoped for!” Patty Weik says.

female cardinal in snow

Waiting Patiently

“I love cardinals and have set up a feeding area where I can sit with my camera and shoot away. It had been snowing for several days, and the birds had been very busy at the feeder. I noticed this female cardinal tucked into the branch way over to the side of the feeders, patiently waiting for her turn. I love the way she is cradled in the branch with the snow falling gently around her,” Ann Oliver says.

female cardinal at feeder in snow

Is It Summer Yet?

“A female northern cardinal was taking a break on my feeder during a heavy snowfall. I love how she looks like most of us feel in winter!” Jeanne Walseth says.

leucistic cardinal in snow

A Rare Visitor

“This beautiful white cardinal started visiting my backyard feeders in early winter. I set up a ground blind and waited 7 hours to get this shot. This is an all-time favorite. What a rare privilege!” Terry Spencer says.

cardinal in snow

Making Faces

We had a light snowfall this year, and I was watching the birds coming to my feeder. I was walking past my bay window and saw this cardinal looking in at me. It had the cutest expression so I had to grab my camera and capture a shot of it. A little charmer,” Catherine Johnson says.

male cardinal at feeder in snow

Late Snow, Hungry Redbird

“Technically this was taken in winter, but it was our spring break for schools here in Iowa. It snowed one day after a very mild few weeks of March. This male cardinal at my feeder seems to be wondering what happened to all that nice weather,” Debbie Gray says.

cardinal and woodpecker in snow

Cardinal and Friend

“A male northern cardinal and a male red-bellied woodpecker sat right next to each other in the snow in my backyard in Pembroke, Massachusetts. Their matching red color compliments well against the white snow,” William Murphy says.

male cardinal in snow

Colorful Contrast

I love the bright red of this male northern cardinal’s feathers against the white snow. But more than that, I love his grumpy expression! ‘Excuse me, but this snow has covered up my birdseed, and I don’t appreciate it!’” Holly Runyon says.


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