Amazing ! 90 photos show the interesting strangeness of nature

When Mother Nature is around, who needs Alice in Wonderland? There are too many unbelievable occurrences occurring outside your door right now. For example, did you know that goats use dialects and owls lack eyeballs? Nature has certainly given us a lot to ponder with its strange presents.

And often, you don’t need to go far to realize there’s a bunch of (mildly) interesting stuff happening right at your doorstep. From an odd tree that has a single branch of an apple tree to a frog so tiny, your fingernail looks like Everest in comparison, these are some of the most amusing examples spotted by people and shared in the Reddit community r/mildlyinteresting.

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Whether it’s mildly or overwhelmingly interesting remains a subject of debate, but one cannot argue just how crazy nature can be.

#1 Albino Deer I Spotted Walking Into Work Last Week

#2 This Shadow From Two Different Trees In My Parking Lot

#3 Vietnamese Mossy Frog

#4 These Tumbleweeds That Piled Up In Front Of My Brother’s House

#5 The Smallest Maple Tree Leaf I’ve Ever Seen

#6 This Baby Grasshopper Army In My Friend’s Garden

#7 My Grass Is An Inch Lower…and Got Frost. My Neighbors Did Not

#8 These Bunches Of Grapes Are Growing Into A…bunch Of Grapes

#9 Found A Face On A Tree Today

#10 This Morning I Found By Far The Smallest Frog I Have Ever Seen In My Entire Life (My Average-Sized Fingernail For Scale)

#11 Colour Gradient Moss

#12 The Tomato We Grew Looks Like Sauron’s Eye

#13 This Tree In My Neighbourhood That Has 1 Branch Of An Apple Tree And The Rest Is A Normal Tree.

#14 This Tibetan Cherry Tree At My Local Park Looks Like Copper!

#15 A Rare Desert Bloom In The Atacama Desert In Chile

#16 Left: A Painting From 1892, Right: The Same Spot In 2020

#17 The River By Me Flooded, Then Froze, Then The Water Receded Leaving These Hovering Ice Shelves On The Trees

#18 A Whole Colony Of Fairy Inkcaps

#19 This Sorry Sap Of A Rock Formation

#20 Sunflower Growing Out Of The Sidewalk – Parent Patch Visible In Background.

#21 Beautiful Elephant Hawk Moth Found In My Garden, UK

#22 I Found A Cicada With The Mcdonald’s Logo On It

#23 This Red Only Rainbow I Saw At Midnight In Finland

#24 This Bird That Looks Like Danny Devito

#25 A Cherry Just Grew Alone In The Middle Of My Tree

#26 Tree That’s Changing Colors Along The Split Of Its Storm-Damaged Trunk

#27 This Tree That Was Burnt In A Bushfire Continues To Live.

#28 Found A Moose Tooth In The Creek

#29 Snow Had Just The Right Conditions So That It Rolled Up Like A Carpet

#30 This Orchid Really Looks Like An Eagle

#31 This Tree Grew Inside An Old Silo And Finally Made It To The Top!

#32 This Twisted Driftwood I Found On The Beach

#33 I Found This Leaf That Looks Like A Weather Radar

#34 I Had A Quadruple Mini Banana This Morning

#35 This Icy Bird Umbrella

#36 My New Petunia Looks Like A Galaxy

#37 This Cabbage In My Yard Showing It’s Fall Colors

#38 Squirrel With A Blonde Tail

#39 A Tree Inside Another Tree

#40 Mt. Fuji Today – Rare Lenticular Cloud

#41 The Way The Condensation Formed On My Blackberry Plant This Morning

#42 The Way These Succulents Grow In The Wall

#43 My Wife Found This Tiny Skink In Our Garden, Some Much Needed Brightness On A Grey, Smoky Day

#44 The New Growth On This Fir Tree

#45 This Rock Inside A Rock

#46 This White Fern I Found On My Hike Today

#47 This Dead Plant Looks Like A Broomstick.

#48 My Apple Looks Like Its Still Loading

#49 Close Up Of My Chameleon

#50 I Left A Summer Roll On My Desk For 4 Days. The Bean Sprouts Are Sprouting.

#51 Giant Puffball Mushroom My Sister Found In The Woods

#52 This Wasp Nest Looks A Bit Like Jupiter

#53 The Way The River Color Splits In Pittsburgh.

#54 I Thought This Weed Flower Looked Like The Covid Renderings.

#55 6-Leaf Clover I Found

#56 The Patterns On This Palm Frond.

#57 Every Year We Get A Single Red Rose Growing Through The Wall Of Ivy In Our Garden

#58 The Parrot Waxcap Mushroom. Found Across Northern Europe

#59 A Storm Literally Picked Up And Moved This Road

#60 This Spider-Web Looks Like Spider-Man.

#61 Freeze-Dried Dragonfruit Is One Of The Most Vibrant Natural Examples Of The Color Fuchsia

#62 This Rock That Looks Like A Half Eaten Potato

#63 A Squirrel Has Been Stuffing This Sign Post Full Of Acorns For The Winter

#64 I Work At An Asparagus Farm And Sometimes 2 Asparagus Will Grow Too Close To One Another And Form A Bigger One.

#65 This Bird Has A Bowl Cut.

#66 This Tree Swallowing A Trespassing Sign.

#67 3 Ears I Grew From The Same Heirloom Corn Variety

#68 After A Little Snowfall, My Tree Looks Like A Cotton Plant.

#69 This Geyser Right Before It Blows

#70 A Block Of Wood That’s Been Electrocuted

#71 This Rock That Looks Like A Hippopotamus

#72 This Pumpkin In Our Garden Split And It Looks Like It Has Teeth

#73 This Succulent In Our Backyard Grew Like A Scorpion.

#74 The Ombré Effect Of This Virginia Creeper

#75 This Bee Covered In Pollen

#76 Whole Other World I Found In A Beer Bottle Laying In The Woods

#77 I Found A Pebble That Looks Like A Slice Of French Toast.

#78 My Venus Fly Trap Caught A Wasp!

#79 The Grass Someone Ran Over Is Growing Better Than The Grass That Wasnt

#80 This Cloud I Photographed From A Commercial Flight That Is Creating A Massive Shadow

#81 This Rock My Sisters And I Put Between These Tree Limbs 10 Ish Years Ago

#82 This Cactus Thats Been Growing Out Of My Friends Metal Roof For 4 Years Now

#83 Sugar Crystal That Formed At The Bottom Of My Maple Syrup

#84 My Sweet Potato Looks Like A Sea Lion

#85 Pitless Avocado.

#86 The Shadow Of “Sharptop Mt” In Virginia Is Very Sharp!

#87 Daughter Found The Largest Blackberry I’ve Ever Seen

#88 This Nearly 2 Kg Avokado From My Grandmother’s Place

#89 It Looks Like There’s A Dog Trapped In This Tree.

#90 The Last Cranberry Bog We Harvested In Maine


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