Cat And Rat Became Best Friends And Play Together

If you are a fan of the cartoon Tom and Jerry, then you would know that the relationship between cats and mice is undoubtedly a love-hate relationship, even though that is not the case in real life. In the actual world cats and mice are foes. However, there can be times when cats make exceptions and this is one such scenario.

Perseya, the cat, and Filya, the rat are best buds. Perseya’s owner, Irina adopted her when she was merely a kitten. Though the cat was conditioned to kill rats, Irina still decided to provide Perseya with a loving home and she let Perseya live with her rats.

When the two-month-old cat arrived at Irina’s house another cat named Bursa was not willing to accept her. Yet, a rat named Kuzya took Perseya in and welcomed her with open arms.

“Kuzya took Perseya under his wing and they soon became inseparable. Unfortunately, Kuzya passed away a month later,” Irina conveyed. After the death of her beloved pet rat, Irina bought a 1-month-old rat named Filya.

There were instant sparks between Perseya and Filya and the cat did not hesitate to take the rat under her care.

The two animals spent time chasing each other around and Filya would often play with Perseya’s toys. One day Irina forgot to lock Filya’s cage and he escaped.

The rat then spent his day playing with the cats and even eating their food. Irina returned home and was surprised by this sight. Filya has now turned 6 months and he and Perseya are inseparable.

Filya makes his way to Perseya every evening and gifts her with kisses. Apparently, this rat loves to show his affection even though the other two rats Irina owns prefer to remain in their cage. Meanwhile, Bursa takes no notice of Filya.

The two best friends, Filya and Perseya, love to cuddle together and the rat at times buries himself in her fur. One quick glance at their images reveals the beauty of the bond that they share.

Well, Who is there playing without you and me?

Hey, I found the guy who got our ball.

Let me kiss you sugar ball.

Let’s have a little nap.


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