How to add beauty to your garden with pot and planter designs

If you’re looking for another way to update your flower beds, try this great spilled flower pot idea.

There are tons of beautiful ways to use broken flower pots or simply use brand new ones to create this look.

The flowing flowers can look like anything from color to a flowing dress down a hill. These are ideal for adding unique yet stunning beauty to your garden.

These “spill flower pots” or flowing gardens are a fun way to take ordinary flowers and turn them into works of art in your lawn or garden.

Whether you use all solid colors, mix and match flowers, or do it with just succulents, this is a great way to give gardening a unique spin.

I love the ones that have large amounts of flowers or a big rainbow of colors, but sometimes the simple green ground cover options are all you need to create a stunning installation.

Tools for making your own spilled flower garden One of my favorite places to find old broken items or unique pots and containers for the garden is on Etsy. This together with common everyday gardening supplies can make it easy to create your own unique flower garden or floral artwork in your yard.


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