Immersing in the Timeless Beauty of the 144-Year-Old Wisteria Tree in Japan

Captured in these stunning photos is what appears to be a breathtaking late evening sky, complete with bursts of pink and purple hues. However, these images actually depict Japan’s largest wisteria plant, situated in Ashikaga Flower Park.

While not the largest wisteria plant in the world (that title belongs to a vine in Sierra Madre, California measuring around 4,000 square meters), this beautiful plant is still an impressive 1,990 square meters, or half an acre in size, and dates back to approximately 1870. Although wisteria plants can often resemble trees, they are in fact flowering vines. Given the weight of its vines, the plant is held up entirely by steel supports, enabling visitors to walk beneath its canopy and take in the mesmerizing pink and purple glow radiating from its blossoms.

Now scroll down below to check these impressively beautiful vines for yourself!

Image credits: y-fu

Image credits:

Image credits: Mamiko Irie

Image credits: Makoto Yoneda

Image credits: P-Zilla

Image credits: P-Zilla

Image credits: y-fu

Image credits: takeoh

Image credits: Taka Ochiai

Image credits: Kazumi Ishikawa


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