Snapdragon flowers are beautiful, but turn to skulls when they die

When they’re alive, Snapdragons make beautiful flowers. But when the seed pods die, something peculiar happens… the dead flower heads resemble miniature human skulls. And if squeezed  between the fingertips, the skull will open and close its mouth.

Ancient cultures once thought Snapdragon Flowers held supernatural powers, and it was considered good luck to carry one around with you. Another myth is that the Snapdragon Flowers give lifelong beauty and youthfulness to any woman who consumes them… we think we’ll stick to Oil of Olay for now.

(Picture: Ombrosoparacloucycle/Flickr)

(Picture: Ombrosoparacloucycle/Flickr)

(Picture: Ombrosoparacloucycle/Flickr)

Remember this next time you want to purchase a pretty bunch of Snapdragons.


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